Micro Fiber Cleaning Cloths Blue

Micro Fiber cleaning cloths blue 16 inches x 16 inches 25 per pack. The Workers Choice 300 GSM Micro fiber cleaning cloths Blue is an all purpose micro fiber cleaning cloth that can be used for just about any application. Interior, Exterior, Windows, Mirrors, Wheels, Vinyl, Leather, Plastic. It is made with a superior grade, 300 gsm micro fiber material, Polyester, and Polyamide. Thousands of polyester/polyamide blend microscopic fibers pick up and hold dust, dirt and grime. Hypoallergenic, lint free, nonabrasive cloths eliminate streaking and absorb nearly seven times their own weight in liquid. Color coded cloths help avoid cross contamination. These blue micro fiber cleaning cloths have a standard over lock stitched edge. Wash and use over and over.

You can use micro fiber cleaning cloths dry as a duster instead of using a cleaning cloth treated with chemicals or a (chemical) spray and wipe method. Split micro fiber is positively charged which makes it work like a magnet attracting negatively charged dust particles. This characteristic along with the microscopic open spaces created by the splitting process allow the cloth to attract and hold dirt and dust rather than just pushing it around like a cotton cloth would. Depending on the size of the cloth you may want to fold it. For instance, when using a 16 inches x16 inches micro fiber cloth itís probably best to fold it into fourths. This gives you 8 cleaning surfaces on one micro fiber cleaning cloth. When using a smaller cloth, like a 12Ēx12Ē, you may want to just use it unfolded like you would use a wash cloth while bathing. Once youíve collected the dust around the house you can release the dust from the micro fiber cleaning cloth by rinsing it out then you can go on to use the same micro fiber cleaning cloth using the damp method described below.

When used damp, micro fiber cleaning cloths are great for removing dirt, grease or stains. When using the micro fiber cleaning cloths damp, the squeegee like edges of each micro fiber in a micro fiber cleaning cloth scrape up the dirt while the open spaces keep the dirt in the micro fiber cleaning cloth. You can accomplish all of this with a micro fiber cleaning cloth without adding any chemical cleaners. When using the micro fiber cleaning cloths damp itís usually best to get it wet and then ring it out. You donít want it to be dripping as the micro fiber cleaning cloth needs to have the capacity to absorb whatever youíre trying to clean off of surfaces. Like with a dry cloth, when using a larger cleaning cloth itís probably best to fold it to give you multiple new cleaning surfaces on the same micro fiber cleaning cloth. This damp method works best for scrubbing bathrooms, cleaning appliances, wiping down kitchen counters, cleaning car interiors, wiping down kitchen counters and hundreds of other cleaning applications.

The absorbency of micro fiber make it great for cleaning windows, even when just using the cloth with water. Micro fiber cleaning cloths hold up to 7 times their own weight in liquid which allows them to clean glass while leaving no streaks. This feature also makes them great for cleaning up spills. This will allow you to cut down on the use of disposable cleaning products like paper towels. Micro fiber cleaning cloths are machine washable! When cared for properly you can expect to get several hundred washings out of a single cloth and it will be as effective as it was the day it was new.

     $25.00 for 25 micro fiber cleaning cloths blue  16 inches x 16 inches

     $40.00 for 50 micro fiber cleaning cloths blue  16 inches x 16 inches

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